“Spider-Man” fans looking for answers
The fans from the non-traditional scoring for "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse" makes lots of fans wonder how. Daniel Pemberton explains in Ep.55 from 'The annotator'
Talking in the silent-movie-era
In Ep.54 for 'The annotator' Rolfe Kent talks about he bridged the silent-movie feel of music with a contemporary biographical drama when scoring "Stan & Ollie"
Erik Woods spotlight on the underrated Williams scores
On his podcasts of 'Cinematic Sound' the first episode of two new shows was broadcasted focusing on the lesser known John Williams scores. 
3 French critics discuss “Widows” score
On 'Cinezik' Julie Issartel, Thibault Vicq and Benoit Basirico have different points of view of the Hans Zimmer music for "Widows" Part of podcast discussing this month's releases.
Robert Daniels put on his tights for Robin Hood
A special podcast on "Robin Hood" scores through the centuries. Original broadcast by 'Visions in Sound'
Double interview with Burwell and Kent
Podcast on 'The Soundcast' with Kristen Romanelli talking with composers Carter Burwell and Rolfe Kent
Working habit of Dascha Dauenhauer
'RBB Kulturradio' meets with German Filmmusic Prize winner Dascha Dauenhauer and shows how it all started. A portait podcast.
Podcast on the “Prisoner of Azkaban” score
Episodes 23 and 24 of 'Art of the Score' focus on the John Williams score for "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban"
‘Visions in Sound’ remembers Stan Lee
In their latest podcast a special with music of films that were based on Stan Lee's characters was programmed.
‘Collider’ had an exclusive interview with Desplat
Mark Reilly received Alexandre Desplat in his studio and they talk about Star Wars and "Isle of Dogs"  The podcast is integrated on their website


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