Radio interview with “This is us” composer Khosla
The composer for the Emmy-award winning TV-series explains the importance of the music in this hit show. 
‘PRI’ published Carter Burwell radio interview as podcast.
Older interview with the composer telling about the so-called lingo for composers.
Conductor Erich Kunzel in the spotlight
Today's program at Cinematicsound takes a plunge in the world of scores that this conductor has brought to life. With playlist.
Screensoundradio announces entry fees website
On their FB-page a pre-announcement is made on the fees that will be used once the new radiostation goes online
Rai Uno Radio Vangelis podcast
The Radioprogram 'Ciak, si suona!' from Aug,10th had a 50 minutes special on the music of Vangelis (contains popsongs as well)
Cinematic Sound Radio launches “The Archive”
Jason Drury present first episode of the radioprogram focusing on new releases and re-releases of older scores.
Podcast interview with UK composer Mark Thomas
Interview taken by Jason Drury for Cinematic Sound Radio
Randy Newman podcast interview on WTF
Marc Maron had a fun interview with the Maestro for WTF podcasts
Screensoundradio improves their demo on Spotify
The change will allow listeners to hear more tracks of the new updates every week.
Michael Hollands talks with David Newman
Sound-of-the-movies talked with the composer about the changing industry and live concerts


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