“From Redrum with love” special on concerts.
Composer Curro Martin takes a look to festivals, events and concerts in this special edition of his podcasts. Produced for 'SoundtrackFest' website in Spanish and English
“Krypton” composer interview podcast.
The interview with Pinar Toprak was placed on the website of 'the Frame' with a link to the podcast.
After the movie came the podcasts.
The initiators for "Score-a film music documentary" now launched their website with weekly podcasts. Kenny Holms and Robert Kraft took on John Debney first.
MoviescoresRadio initializes National Film Score Day
In honor of the first score release ever the National Film Score Day is set for April, 3rd.
‘En Cartelera’ podcast on Pemberton and Balfe
This podcast has an interview with Lorne Balfe, showcases "All the money in the world" and Adrian Johnston's "Strangers prey at night"
‘NPR’ podcast on Dan Romer’s Far Cry 5 gamescore
Dan talks about combining hymnal Americana, songs and instruments translated into a full-power score.
‘Arte TV’ broadcasted a video about James Newton Howard
Only in German language. Short videoclip introducing the composer.
‘NPR’ talks with “This is us” composer on SXSW 2018
'National Public Radio' podcast of the interview with Siddharta Khosla about the effect of his music of "This is us"
Podcast “The Archive”#6 is released
The podcast show Jason Drury makes for CinematicSound Radio is available online.
Speculating on “Han Solo” score
Adding fuel to the hype 'the Soundcast' spent half an hour discussing the John Williams news.


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