Brian Satterwhite 12y jubilee at KFMA, Austin
Over 600 episodes of his radioshow 'Film Score Focus' have aired since.
Documentary podcast about life and music of James Horner
Part 1 of this podcast from Jason Drury looking back to the life and music of this great composer. Broadcast on Cinematic Sound
Jason Drury’s ‘The Archive’ part 3 about horror scores
In his series of articles for 'Cinematic Sound' this third episode takes you in Halloween mood.
Screensoundradio opens website for early subscriptions
Ahead of a crowdfunding campaign to cover start-up costs, the station already takes subscriptions
‘Popcorn Talk’ radioshow with Tree Adams
Marielou Mandl has Tree Adams as host for the 'on the fly filmmaking' show.  Aired Oktober 10th, 2017
Screensoundradio implements Spotify-demo on website
In a cooperation with Swedish company Heroku Screensoundradio had a world premiere by developing codes to incorporate playlists on their website.
Podcast discussing “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ” .
Erik Woods joins 'Soundtrack Alley'  in a talk about the John Williams score.
Danny Elfman concert ‘Hollywood in Vienna’ at ‘ÖRF’
Austrian broadcaster ÖRF has put a recording of 'Hollywood in Vienna' on their website. Listen while it lasts.
Screensoundradio has raised the curtains
Revealing the layout for the radio's new website. World premiere will be that the Spotify-demo for the station will be played in that format too.
Second part podcast interview Jo Blankenburg
In the series 'Epic Empire' Radio Zoom's 'Cinema World' broadcasted the second part of the interview with the trailer composer


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Cinetunes Radio
Film Score Focus
Friday 9pm;Saturday 5pm Austin, Texas
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Matt’s Movie Trax
Radio Zoom
Selected orchestral scores from around the world (Coming soon)
Soundtrackdreams on Radio ZuSa
Sundays 3-5 pm. Moderated by Dirk Hoffmann.
Weekly podcast site with focus on music from Star Trek.
Visions in sound
weekly two-hour program on soundtracks.On CWKR
Soundtrack radioprogram of Inspiration923FM