“Max and me” got a ‘new classical’ approach
On the website of the Minnesota Public Radiostation an interview with composer Mark McKenzie gives the score a place as 'new classical'
‘Classic FM’ to broadcast the London Williams concert
The radiostation will have a live coverage of the sold-out John Williams concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London on Friday Oct,26th.
Scoring the story of the horse on ‘Annotator’
"Equus" composer Darren Fung talks with 'the Annotator' about his recent score for "Equus, story of the horse 
Screensoundradio aims for launch in April
The start-up radiostation has announced their projected launch date to coincide with National Filmscore Day on April,3rd.
The music that goes with stop-motion
For 'Cinematic Sound Radio' Jason Drury showcases the music used for the films by stop-motion artist Ray Harryhausen.
Tamar-Kali talks about her work
In Podcast #15 at 'Score' the composer Tamar-Kali talks about the recent works she has been busy with.
New Beck project to support new composers
Christophe Beck announced a new project to focus on young and talented composers. He has the story on 'Score' podcast #14
‘Celluloide Paranoide’ podcast with Manel Gil-Inglada
Podcast interview with Spanish composer Manel Gil-Inglada presented on ''
‘Audioboom’ talked about “Solo” with Ron Howard
For 'Soundtracking' Edith Bowman interviewed the director of "Solo: A Star Wars story" and talked about John Powell's score
Robert Daniels on SW spin-offs in podcast.
For 'Visions in sound' the moderator of the soundtrack show #920 goes into all the different scores of Star Wars related movies.


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