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Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt move to november
The dates for the 2019 edition of the Filmmusik Tage Halle are published on the website of the event.
Full program and setlist of Filmmusic Prague
For the upcoming festival in Prague the website now contains all concerts, workshops, panels and setlists. 
Oscar nominees react on ‘Billboard’
Melinda Newman wrote down the reactions of the Oscar for Best Score nominees. Article incl. links to full nominee list and coverage video.
Alberto Iglesias wins Premio Feroz in Bilbao
'SoundtrackFest' announced the winner on their FB-page. Alberto Iglesias won the Premio Feroz for his score for "Quién te cantará" 
Prague festival mentions free John Lunn meeting
'Filmmusic Prague' will see a free meet & greet with the composer of the  "Downton Abbey" score. More details will follow.
Critics’ Choice Awards follow the ‘Globes’
The winners and nominees for Best Score were merely identical to the list of the Golden Globes and here too "First man" from Justin Hurwitz took away the prize.
Justin Hurwitz’ “First man” to take Globe 2019
Beating Ludwig Göransson with 4% of the votes "First man" wins the Golden Globe for Best Score.
The nominees for the French foreign press prize
The 'Académie des Lumieres' had announced the five candidates for receiving the French foreign press Best Scores 2018 Award.
Fimucite the 13th. focuses the horror genre
The Tenerife Filmmusic Festival has announced their programme with guests like Harry Manfredini and Christopher Young participating. Also "Bram Stoker's Dracula" live.
FMF programme 2019 revealed in full detail
On the festival's website a full run-through of the 2019 programme is revealed. Main guests so far are Alexandre Desplat, Bruno Coulais and Craig Armstrong
Kaiser/Maas European composers 2018
During the gala held in Seville,Spain Christoph M.Kaiser and Julian Maas received the trophy for their score for "3 Tage in Quiberon"
Don Davis returning to Kraków, Poland
On May,15th during the FMF filmmusic festival a screening from "Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' " with live Wojciech Kilar music is the first concert of the festival announced.
MOSMA 2019 dates announced
The Facebook page of the Spanish event opened up the official dates for the 2019 MOSMA event in Malaga, Spain