1. Property and legal structure

1.1  Both internet sites “Screensoundradio.com” and “Soundtrackportal.com” are registered tradenames by NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS and therefore use of (any of) those names by other than the rightful owner is only allowed with written approval by A.H. de Nijs or his legal representative(s).
1.2  NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS is a media promotion and production company registered at the Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands.
Registration number:  20109162 Date of registration: January,1st 2017
Legal representative and sole proprietor: A.H. de Nijs, born 04-07-1963 in Roosendaal, the Netherlands.
1.3  NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS is legally based in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, therefore all activities, including those on the websites, reside under Dutch law. Any infringements of our general conditions as stated in this disclaimer or violations of law in general will be prosecuted according to Dutch law.
Registered address for the company:
Burgemeester Freijterslaan 154
4703 EV  Roosendaal
the Netherlands
Postal address:
Postbus 1351
4700 BJ  Roosendaal
the Netherlands
1.4  For the purpose of broadcasting through our website, websites of third parties or public use of music licence agreements have been made with the Dutch authorities, being represented by BUMA/STEMRA and SENA. Licence number is published on the website or will be present in other ways where applicable.  For broadcasting and licensing purposes NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS is registered with and legally represented by Stichting Webcasting Nederland on behalf of the website www.screensoundradio.com


  1. 2. Cookies and privacy policies
    2.1. Our websites use cookies
    Click here for our cookie policy.
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  1. 3. Subscriptions  
    3.1  To gain access to our music stream a membership fee has to be paid.
    We provide for a 24hrs. access to listen to the stream but without other privileges.
    The 24 hours can be used up over different periods of being logged in. A counter on the login page will display how many time there is left.
    The other option is to have a full-year membership which after registration will give you the privilege to add favorite albums to your profile which will be programmed automatically when you are online. Depending on the number of members online
    this can take up to 40% of our playlist. The ‘Fav’-button on the website can be used to add albums to your profile.
    3.2 All payments for subscribing or donations are handled by third parties on a secure connection basis. NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS holds no liability other than providing the chosen access after payment succeeded.
    3.3 In case one chooses to have a payment done by bank transfer access to the stream can be delayed until confirmation is established.
    3.4 In case of server breakdown,other technical failure that can not be solved within a reasonable amount of time or maintenance NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS will be allowed to shut down the stream as long as needed for maintenance or repair. All memberships will automatically be extended with the amount of time the shutdown takes. Reimbursements are not granted, neither full nor partial.
    3.5 Our system will allow to use your login code on 3 different devices. A login code may be used on a single IP-address at a time. For multiple devices or locations users are kindly asked to add a 24hrs access in the occasion the extra usage is needed.


  1. 4. Liabilities
    4.1 This disclaimer and the linked cookie and privacy policies are an integral part of our terms of service.
    Our general conditions and terms of service for NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS can be requested via the ‘contact’ button on the footer of the website.
    4.2 In cases our general conditions do not provide sufficient covering NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS or its legal representative will have the decisive say in any occurring matter.


  1. 5. Website content
    5.1 All content, including the music streamed, is owned by or licensed to NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS. Therefore all unauthorized access, use or copying is forbidden. In the case of third party advertising NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS is not liable for the content of those advertisements. Infringements of copyrights will be notified to the owner/author and legal action will be taken.  
    5.2  All titles and cover artwork are used for promotional and informative use only.
    These are provided to our website by the rightful owner(s) or open source media.
    NICE SOUNDTRACK PROMOTIONS is not to be held accountable in case any mistakes occur.