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Report John Powell in Hamburg, Germany
Dutch website 'Soundtrackworld' published a report about the John Powell concert in Hamburg, Germany on June,4th 2018.
“Harry Potter live” coming to Lausanne
21 Century Concerts and Cineconcerts bring "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" live-to-picture in November, 2018 
Music of Clint Mansell central during Filmmusic Prague
Report of one of the festival's concerts concentrating on the filmscores of Clint Mansell. Published on the website of 'Soundtrackworld' 
Concert reports of live-to-movie events Krakow
'Soundtrackworld' visited the two concerts that screened the movie simultaneously at the FMF Krakow. "Beauty and the beast" and "Casino Royale"
James Horner’s “Apollo 13” premieres in Houston
Commemorating the 60th anniversary of NASA, the Houston Symphony Orchestra will perform Horner's score live. More info via the FB-link on 'SoundTrackFest'
Cine-concert report of “Metropolis” in Bilbao
The original score by Gottfried Huppertz was performed live by the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. Felipe Mugica wrote a report for 'SoundTrackFest'
Live performance “The Italian job”
'SoundTrackFest' announced on its website that the original "Italian job" with Quincy Jones score will be performed in London and Birmingham 
Concert report FMF Krakow celebrates Penderecki
For 'The Cliff Edge' Ray Bennett witnessed the Penderecki tribute concert with his music and work by Elliott Goldenthal and Michael Nyman.
“Beauty and the beast” Live in Luzern
After having had its European premiere in Krakow at the FMF the live-to-movie concert of Alan Menken's score will go to Luzern on Feb,1-2 2019 
Amsterdam concert report by ‘Soundtrackworld’
The "Game of Thrones" spectacle came to the Netherlands and Anton Smit from 'Soundtrackworld' went there. His report is on the website.
Symphonic Zimmer concert report
'Soundtrackworld'  visited the Symphonic Hans Zimmer concert in Hamburg, Germany comparing it with his Live on Tour concert. 
Playlist announced for ‘Playstation in Concert’
The Royal Philharmonic has revealed the games they are performing the music from at the Wed.May,30th concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London
Czech cult movie comes live with concert in Luzern
KKL Luzern will see a performance of Karel Svoboda's classic score live to the digitally restored movie on December, 30th.