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Fernando Velázquez concert Pamplona,Spain report
Gorka Oteiza made a report of the concert with filmmusic by Fernando Velázquez conducting the Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra
Philharmonie de Paris holds weekend with Danny Elfman
Announcing their new season programming the Paris music hall included a weekend with Danny Elfman in September. Article in ''
Giacchino switched concerts in Dublin.
Both the ''Lost'' concert and the ''Best of Giacchino'' concerts swapped places on the agenda. News and ticket links on 'SoundtrackFest'
Joe Hisaishi concerts in Paris were a great success.
Gorki Oteiza from 'SoundTrackFest' took to Paris, France for the concert of the Japanese maestro and published his report on the website.
‘Film Music Prague’ published their ”Star Trek” concert on YouTube
Celebrating its 50th anniversary the full ''Star Trek'' concert held at the Rudolphinum, Prague was recorded and published on YouTube
3 “Chrono cross” concerts in Japan announced
Yasonuri Mitsuda announced that he will celebrate the 20th birthday of "Chrono cross" with 3 specially created concerts in Japan
Dudamel’s Williams concert in Disney Hall
Mark Swed from the Los Angeles Times went to the concert and figured out why Williams' friend Gustavo Dudamel makes the music more special
Dates for Dublin double Giacchino concerts
The dates for the previously announced concert with music from Giacchino's "Lost" and a separate Giacchino-music concert are set for Dublin. 
Chicago concert John Williams online
'SoundtrackFest' shared the audio link to the full April 2018 concert that John Williams gave in Chicago.
Romance and superheroes in Hannover
The concert tour of German 'Klassik Radio' brought a varied programme to Hannover. Anton Smit from 'Soundtrackworld' wrote down his remarks 
Librecon concert summary on ‘STF’
Being involved in the organization of the videogames concert in Bilbao on Nov,14th 'SoundtrackFest' had Felipe Mugica writing the summary of the concert by Eímear Noone.
Screensoundradio visited Luzern for Bernstein score
Concert report of the live-to-movie performance of "Age of innocence" scored by Elmer Bernstein. Performed in KKL Luzern conducted by Ernst van Tiel. 
German movie to premier with live concert
'Stadttheater Regensburg' will host the premier of the movie "Finis Terrae" by having the music of Christoph Zirngibl played live to the movie.