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3 “Chrono cross” concerts in Japan announced
Yasonuri Mitsuda announced that he will celebrate the 20th birthday of "Chrono cross" with 3 specially created concerts in Japan
Dates for Dublin double Giacchino concerts
The dates for the previously announced concert with music from Giacchino's "Lost" and a separate Giacchino-music concert are set for Dublin. 
Chicago concert John Williams online
'SoundtrackFest' shared the audio link to the full April 2018 concert that John Williams gave in Chicago.
Romance and superheroes in Hannover
The concert tour of German 'Klassik Radio' brought a varied programme to Hannover. Anton Smit from 'Soundtrackworld' wrote down his remarks 
Librecon concert summary on ‘STF’
Being involved in the organization of the videogames concert in Bilbao on Nov,14th 'SoundtrackFest' had Felipe Mugica writing the summary of the concert by Eímear Noone.
Screensoundradio visited Luzern for Bernstein score
Concert report of the live-to-movie performance of "Age of innocence" scored by Elmer Bernstein. Performed in KKL Luzern conducted by Ernst van Tiel. 
German movie to premier with live concert
'Stadttheater Regensburg' will host the premier of the movie "Finis Terrae" by having the music of Christoph Zirngibl played live to the movie.
“The Phantom of the Opera” comes back to Barbican
Returning for a reprise Roy Budd's score will again be played live-to-movie by the Docklands Sinfonia . Barbican Hall, March 18th 2019
John Lunn live at “Downton Abbey”
'Livenation UK' organizes a live score concert with John Lunn's music at Highclere Castle. A trailer promo was placed on Youtube.
Eleni Karaindrou visits Paris and ‘Cinezik’
The Greek composer comes to Paris for a concert and 'Cinezik' gets you in the mood with an interview where she talks about mentor Theo Angelopoulos
Extra concert “HTTYD” in Lucern announced
Due to the success of the World Premiere at KKL in Lucern, Switzerland an extra concert was announced for Dec,26th
Librecon concert with Eímear Noone
'SoundtrackFest' shared a summary and photos from the Eímear Noone-conducted concert in Bilbao with video game music.
‘Hollywood in Glasgow’, a concert report
John Mansell was at the Glasgow concert for the Varese 40 celebration. Here's his report published on 'M.M.I.'