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“From Redrum with love” special on concerts.
Composer Curro Martin takes a look to festivals, events and concerts in this special edition of his podcasts. Produced for 'SoundtrackFest' website in Spanish and English
Lionsgate announces “Hunger Games” live concert tour
The screening of the first movie of the "Hunger Games" will premier in Manchester,UK on July,12th
Concert report of “Star Wars: A new hope”
'Soundtrackworld' took to Munich, Germany to witness the live-to-screen version of this "Star Wars" classic. Ludwig Wicki conducted 
Concert season Barcelona sees 3 movies with live music
'SoundtrackFest' reported that the Orchesta Sinfónica de Barcelona will perform three live scores with screening in their 2018/2019 season.
Photos of “Xenogears” concert online
Composer Yasunori Mitsuda shared some photos, incl. backstage, from the recent concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Xenogears"
José Nieto 75 anniversary concert
To celebrate the 75th birthday of the Spanish composer Granada will see a concert of his music by two local symphony orchestras on May 19th. 'SoundtrackFest' reports. 
‘National Symphony’ announces Jurassic World live
The National Symphony Orchestra will perform the score from  Michael Giacchino on May,30th. at the Kennedy Centre, Washington DC.  Ticketsales start Apr.5th.
Hard to say goodbye for Ennio Morricone
For his 60th anniversary farewell concerts tour he recently added 2 more concerts. 'SoundtrackFest' reports and gives the full list.
‘Square Enix’ announced “Xenogears” concert
composer Yasunori Mitsuda will be at the concert on April, 8th for the 20th anniversary of the game score. Concert sold out, link to Live video
Joe Hisaishi concerts in San José, CA
'SoundtrackFest' published the concert dates for the Joe Hisaishi concerts for San José, CA  on the website. Program focusing on the Ghibli scores.
More concerts “The great human odyssey” announced
Composer Darren Fung has announced 3 more concerts with screening of the documentary in Calgary, April 27-29th.
“Gladiator” back to where it all started
On June 8-9th, A live performance of the music by Hans Zimmer c.s. will be performed at the Rome Circus Maximus.
‘Soundtrackworld’ joined Morricone in Florence
A report of the Morricone concert from the '60 years of music' tour held in Florence on March,2nd