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Alexandre Desplat conducting in Shanghai
The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Alexandre Desplat in a concert on July,15th 2018. Full YouTube video.
Dutch tuba-player at Tenerife concerts
Anton Smit was at Fimucité, Tenerife for the concerts and interviews. As tuba player he listened to the concert of "Close encounters of the third kind"
Dutch concert band plays filmmusic
'Soundtrackworld' took to The Hague for a filmmusic concert by the Magic Orchestra, a concert band, at Diligentia. Here's their report.
‘El Dia’ had a third kind of encounter
The website of the newspaper published a report of the Fimucite concert for "Close Encounters of the third kind"
‘Classic FM’ to broadcast the London Williams concert
The radiostation will have a live coverage of the sold-out John Williams concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London on Friday Oct,26th.
90’Ennio concert report
Morricone received all guests and honor during the special concert for his upcoming 90th birthday. 'Repubblica' has the report on their website, including clips
Abel Korzeniowksi plays in Russia.
Moskou and Sint Petersburg will see concerts by Abel Korzeniowski on October 22 and 24.
FSO starts John Williams tour in Spain
The Film Symphony Orchestra will tour Spain and Portugal during a 30-cities visit with their John Williams hommage.
Justin Freer will bring “Rudy” to live
'Variety' broke the news that the movie "Rudy" will get a live music-to-movie concert in the Shrine Auditorium, L.A. on Nov,10th.
David Arnold guest at Varese jubilee concert.
Robert Townson made the announcement public that Arnold will be guest during the Scotland concerts for the 40th. anniversary of Varese Sarabande.
Brian Tyler concert in London announced
'SoundTrackFest'  put the details of this concert that returns Brian Tyler to London on October, 25th on his website. 
Nobuo Uematsu cancels concert Ishikawa
The composer has cancelled the concert due to health issues. The concert was planned for Oct,7th in the Ishikawa Ongakudo Hall. 
A visit to the Morricone proms in Prague
Jorge Ortiz visited the Morricone concert in Prague and wrote an extensive report of this noteworthy visit for 'SoundtrackFest'