Fimucite the 13th. focuses the horror genre
The Tenerife Filmmusic Festival has announced their programme with guests like Harry Manfredini and Christopher Young participating. Also "Bram Stoker's Dracula" live.
FMF programme 2019 revealed in full detail
On the festival's website a full run-through of the 2019 programme is revealed. Main guests so far are Alexandre Desplat, Bruno Coulais and Craig Armstrong
‘TVN24’ talked with Pawel Górniak when he returned to P
The Polish composer Pawel Górniak, who won the 'Hollywood in Media Music' Awards for the trailermusic for "Crossfire 2", had an interview with Polish 'TVN24'
Kaiser/Maas European composers 2018
During the gala held in Seville,Spain Christoph M.Kaiser and Julian Maas received the trophy for their score for "3 Tage in Quiberon"
Don Davis returning to Kraków, Poland
On May,15th during the FMF filmmusic festival a screening from "Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' " with live Wojciech Kilar music is the first concert of the festival announced.
Erik Woods spotlight on the underrated Williams scores
On his podcasts of 'Cinematic Sound' the first episode of two new shows was broadcasted focusing on the lesser known John Williams scores. 
3 French critics discuss “Widows” score
On 'Cinezik' Julie Issartel, Thibault Vicq and Benoit Basirico have different points of view of the Hans Zimmer music for "Widows" Part of podcast discussing this month's releases.
Sherman brothers’ sonic world swept Broxton away
a review for Marc Shaiman's music for "Mary Poppins returns" is as lyrical as the movie itself according to Jon Broxton. Published on 'MoviemusicUK'.
‘Zanobard’ takes up the trident with Aquaman
The British website was very fast having a review out for the Rupert Gregson-Williams score for the latest DC-comic's movie "Aquaman"
German interview with Anne-Kathrin Dern
Breakthrough composer Anne-Kathrin Dern podcast for 'Tim's Sounthcast' in interview with Tim Heinrich.