Talking piano and film music with Hauschka
'Kinetophone' had an interview recorded with Volker Bertelmann (aka Hauschka) and talked about his piano works and film music. 
‘A conversation with’ Tom Howe
A new interview in this series from 'Sound of the Movies' by Michael Hollands. This time his guest is British composer Tom Howe. 
Spanish book on Georges Delerue announced
'Ediciones Rosetta' have announced the production of a book on Georges Delerue, titled: "Georges Delerue, de la Nouvelle Vague à Hollywood"
John Mansell made a review on “Zwingli” score
For his website 'M.M.I.' John listened to the Diego Baldenweg score for the biopic of Reformator "Zwingli"
Alberto Iglesias wins Premio Feroz in Bilbao
'SoundtrackFest' announced the winner on their FB-page. Alberto Iglesias won the Premio Feroz for his score for "Quién te cantará" 
Dates for Dublin double Giacchino concerts
The dates for the previously announced concert with music from Giacchino's "Lost" and a separate Giacchino-music concert are set for Dublin. 
Prague festival mentions free John Lunn meeting
'Filmmusic Prague' will see a free meet & greet with the composer of the  "Downton Abbey" score. More details will follow.
‘RBB’ talked with German wonder child
Regional Berlin broadcaster 'RBB' had another interview with film composing talent Dascha Dauenhauer. Podcast made available on their website
Frequent traveler writes 2nd season score
Diego Navarro, himself a frequent traveler as much appreciated conductor, will write the score for the 2nd season of the Spanish TV-show "El turista"
French composer Fred Avril on scoring comedies
French article and podcast with Fred Avril talking about his renewed cooperation with female directors for comedy movies including his latest "Pearl"