Screensoundradio visited Luzern for Bernstein score
Concert report of the live-to-movie performance of "Age of innocence" scored by Elmer Bernstein. Performed in KKL Luzern conducted by Ernst van Tiel. 
Interview with “Finis Terrae” director and composer
Kathrin Liebhäuser talks with Christoph Zirngibl and his long time friend, director Konstantin Ferstl about their upcoming project "Finis Terrae"
German movie to premier with live concert
'Stadttheater Regensburg' will host the premier of the movie "Finis Terrae" by having the music of Christoph Zirngibl played live to the movie.
New David Wingo scoring “Report”
David Wingo is writing the score for the Scott Z.Burns movie "The report" . A true story about Daniel Jones investigating CIA interrogations.
“The Phantom of the Opera” comes back to Barbican
Returning for a reprise Roy Budd's score will again be played live-to-movie by the Docklands Sinfonia . Barbican Hall, March 18th 2019
MOSMA 2019 dates announced
The Facebook page of the Spanish event opened up the official dates for the 2019 MOSMA event in Malaga, Spain
John Lunn live at “Downton Abbey”
'Livenation UK' organizes a live score concert with John Lunn's music at Highclere Castle. A trailer promo was placed on Youtube.
Popular scores unelegible for Oscars
With first-round voting under way Jon Burlingame explains why some of the popular scores are not on the ballot. Published in 'Variety'
Robert Daniels put on his tights for Robin Hood
A special podcast on "Robin Hood" scores through the centuries. Original broadcast by 'Visions in Sound'
“Red dead redemption 2” wins Game Award
At the 2018 gala for the Game Awards, Woody Jackson took away the statue for his score for the sequel to the popular Rockstar Game.