Golden ‘Jerry’ awarded in Los Angeles
The 'Jerry Goldsmith Awards' took to Los Angeles and during the HMM Awards the golden statue was handed over to Carlos Rafael Rivera.
List of winners HMM Awards published
The Hollywood Media in Music Awards 2018 winners are known. Here's the full list.
‘Annotator’ podcast Ep.50
Composer Anne Chmelewsky' s "Where hands touch" is the central theme of this 50th episode of 'The Annotator'
“Rudy” in concert premieres in Florida
The originally planned world premiere of the Jerry Goldsmith scored sports movie should have taken place in Los Angeles, but that is moved to March, 30th 2019
Introducing interview with Ian Honeyman
Talking about how he got to film scoring Ian Honeyman was interviewed for 'VoyageLA'
Brian Tyler returned to ‘Soundtrackworld’
Well, Brian Tyler returned to London and Anton Smit was there. A concert report with photos and a clip 
French review for “Girl” by Valentin Hadjadj
The website of 'Indiemusic' placed a review by Julien Catala for the music by Valentin Hadjadj for "Girl"
Terence Blanchard started playing piano for Spike Lee
And so the longtime relationship with the director started. Interview on 'Hot Corn' with Terence Blanchard
‘Movie Music UK’ reviews “Suspiria”
Jon Broxton can appreciate the works of rock musician Thom Yorke not working to image but finds it too weird to listen to.
‘Soundtrackdreams’ review for “Happy Prince”
The website published a review by Mihnea Manduteanu for the score by Gabriel Yared for the biopic on Oscar Wilde