“Norman” composer Bird scores “Outside in” .
Andrew Bird is going to score the indie drama directed by Lynn Shelton
Jon Broxton review for “Wind River” .
Movie Music UK's review for the Nick Cave/Warren Ellis score.
Ralf Wengenmayr talks about “Bullyparade!” .
Video from ' about scoring for the ProSieben TV-serie turned movie
The Muppets in the Hollywood Bowl
Kinetophone shared the news that a full-orchestra concert with the Muppets will take place in Los Angeles Sep,8-10
Rolfe Kent receives Disney assignment
He will score the family comedy "Magic Camp" directed by Mark Waters
Annette Focks scoring new Bille August movie
The movie "55 Steps" will premier at the IFF in Toronto 
Rai Uno Radio Vangelis podcast
The Radioprogram 'Ciak, si suona!' from Aug,10th had a 50 minutes special on the music of Vangelis (contains popsongs as well)
Next win for Cimini at Chatauqua IFF
Alexander Cimini received yet another Best Score Award for "Dark Waves-Bellerofonte"
Scoremagacine publishes spanish review “War for the planet of
Frederic Torres reviewing Michael Giacchino's score
Gabriel Yared video to shed some light on “The Lover”
In a 4 minute clip Gabriel explains more of the main title theme of this iconic score