Christophe Beck comes to MOSMA 2018
'MusicaMalaga' announces that Canadian composer Christophe Beck will join the guests at MOSMA 2018, held from Jul,3-7th in Malaga, Spain
Australian composer guest at 9th FoFM
Bruce Rowland has been announced to be a guest at the Aug,25th meeting of Fans of Film Music in the Bridge studio, Burbank CA
‘FMM’ has John Powell talking “Solo”.
In their series 'All Access' the website sits down again with John Powell talking about the upcoming "Solo" score and more.
Review for “Tatort: Waldlust” on Maintitles
Joep de Bruyn reviews the music by Martina Eisenreich for the popular German TV-series.
Icelandic footsteps filled after Jóhannson’s dead.
Hildur Gudnadottir already worked together with Johann Johannsson and will now succeed him on "Chernobyl" a HBO-series.
Gavin Brivik received the Elmer Bernstein Award
The highest award in the NYU composing class goes to Gavin Brivik for his exceptional performance in film scoring.
Music for “König Opa” wins in New York
Christoph Zirngibl wins for his original score for the movie "König Opa" at the New York Indie Film Festival.
Millenium sequel scored by Roque Baños
The sequel to "The girl with the dragon tattoo" will be directed by Fede Alvarez. Roque Baños will score the music for "The girl in the spider's web"
Anne Nikitin signed up for “Mrs.Wilson”
'Filmmusic Reporter' published the announcement that the UK composer sets off on a new BBC project in cooperation with PBS.
HBO-series assignment for Cave and Ellis
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis have picked up a scoring assignment for a new HBO-series called "The case against Adnan" directed by Amy Berg.