Jorn Tillnes reviews “Love,Simon”
Jorn reviewed the music for "Love, Simon" by Rob Simonsen. Published on his website 'Soundtrackgeek' 
Carly Paradis to score “The Innocents”
She will make the music for the Netflix original series "The Innocents" which will premier in August 2018. Article on 'Filmmusicreporter' contains trailer.
Director McQuarrie confirms Balfe on Mission Impossible
The confirmation came on Twitter that Lorne Balfe is connected to the new "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" directed by Christopher McQuarrie. Release July 2018
“From Redrum with love” special on concerts.
Composer Curro Martin takes a look to festivals, events and concerts in this special edition of his podcasts. Produced for 'SoundtrackFest' website in Spanish and English
Liu Ye shared photos from Beijing recording session
Posted on Facebook, unique photos of the recording session from his latest music
John Broxton “Lost in space”
Review of the Christopher Lennertz music for the reboot of the 60's TV-series "Lost in space" . Published on 'MoviemusicUK'
Filmmusic Prague opens festival with free concert
People on Wenceslas Square in Prague could enjoy some live played filmmusic besides the lovely weather. Festival opened on April,19th and ends on April 22nd
Session clip “Ghost stories” on YouTube.
Composer Frank Ilfman shared the end credits recording at Air Lyndhurst Studios
Russian brothers go “Radioactive”
Sacha and Evgueni Galperine will score the upcoming drama about Marie and Pierre Curie. Title for the Amazon distributed movie is "Radioactive".
New Neil Jordan movie scored by Javier Navarrete
After finishing french comedy "Raoul Taburin"  he now cooperates again with the famous director Jordan for "The widow", a psychological drama that will be released later this year.