Four times-Oscar winner Previn died (89)
The jazz-orientated filmmusic composer died, age 89, in his hometown of Manhattan, New York. 'Variety' has his story.
Joe Hisaishi concerts in Paris were a great success.
Gorki Oteiza from 'SoundTrackFest' took to Paris, France for the concert of the Japanese maestro and published his report on the website.
Talking about a 40y-old John Williams legacy
Maurizio Caschetto and Tim Burden hosted a podcast about the La-La-Land release of the ''Superman'' music box. Mike Matessino as guest
Rare ”Joan of Arc” (1948) prelude emerged
Composed by Hugo Friedhofer this prelude was recorded by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra.
John Powell talks about trilogies
Byron Burton talked with the composer of trilogies like ''How to train your dragon'' and ''Bourne''. Article in 'The Hollywood Reporter'
Mothersbaugh messed up his Lego-blocks.
Review site 'Zanobard' could find some interesting themes in the first Lego movie score by Mark Mothersbaugh, but lost them in ''Lego movie 2''
‘Zanobard’ completes its trilogy of the Dragon
After the website recently covered a review of the second filmscore it now completed the series with ''How to train your dragon:The hidden world''
”Black Panther” score wins the Oscar.
Ludwig Göransson took his first Oscar statue for his score for ''Black Panther''. Filmmusic Reporter has also published footage.
Jon Broxton finds George Fenton in the fridge
The new score by George Fenton for the thriller ''Cold pursuit'' starring Liam Neeson is ploughed through by Jon Broxton.
Southall reviews the Powell score for HTTYD 3
For his website IFMCA-member James Southall reviewed the powerful score for the third movie in the 'How to train your dragon' series.